Alter [verb]

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The Covid-19 effect that has altered our day-to-day habits in 2020 may have its greatest impact on the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Other studies have shown that the ducks can alter their typical migratory journeys in responses to changes in the environment.

The pandemic has significantly altered the economy and the job market, including for workers just starting their careers.

Instead of trying to alter those microbiomes, which can be difficult, pregnant women could receive the needed metabolites directly.

Despite its non-conventional look, Mo-DBRS opens the door to analyzing brain signals in humans in environments close to the real world, while also having the ability to alter those brain signals wirelessly with a few taps on a tablet.

At first, it’s an investment which alters your cost structure, but can transform into a new business channel at the same time.

Microsoft’s technology also provides voters with a code on a piece of paper that they can later use online to verify whether their ballot has been counted and not altered.

However, as the world-wide pandemic carries on life as we once knew homeowners’ needs have altered.

A 2015 PowerPoint presentation they prepared, obtained by The Desert Sun and ProPublica, stated that some of the diatomite formations might have been permanently altered by steam fracking, meaning spills there might never stop.

Sinus duo sunt maiores, vastque; alter is, qui S. Laurentij gurges; alter, qui Francius appellatur.