Metamorphose [verb]

Definition of Metamorphose:

convert, transform

Synonyms of Metamorphose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metamorphose:

Sentence/Example of Metamorphose:

Let us observe the steps of the process by which the metamorphose must have been effected.

A quarter of an hour sufficed to metamorphose Bathurst into an Oude peasant.

It was not her fault that a miracle had happened since then to metamorphose the whole world.

But you metamorphose yourself about so, one does not know which way to look for you.

Those sheaves, or stooks—who can describe their metamorphose?

It's wonderful the way a little paint will metamorphose a man!

A slight change in dress and manner were sufficient to metamorphose him beyond recognition.

Any little Accident from without may metamorphose his Fancy, and push him upon a new set of Thoughts.

How metamorphose a passage of dialect into the power of gravitation, and a silent corollary into a flash of lightning?

It can modify, change, metamorphose, turn and return itself without losing any thing of its identity.