Translate [verb]

Definition of Translate:

interpret, explain

Synonyms of Translate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Translate:

Sentence/Example of Translate:

I laughingly begged him to translate the remark, which he did with a smile.

She was, indeed, ill-treated; but what were we, to translate the phrase?

Some apology must be made for an attempt "to translate the untranslatable."

Several attempts had been made to translate this conception into a reality.

In that case we should translate “chwerthin wanar,” “their leader laughed.”

For these reasons it has been thought expedient not to translate it.

I had to translate it into English, of course, for Puff; so here it is.

She tried to translate his temptation into her own language, and her brain reeled.

We can only see and feel and recognize; we cannot translate them.

The concluding verse, which struck me much, I have essayed to translate.