Paraphrase [noun]

Definition of Paraphrase:

translation, interpretation

Synonyms of Paraphrase:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paraphrase:

Sentence/Example of Paraphrase:

It was really only a paraphrase of the old story of the grub and the butterfly.

The paraphrase which has just been given of it goes beyond the actual words of Plato.

“She is so nervous,” Maria said loyally, but her paraphrase availed nothing.

"It was a paraphrase," he answered, the smile still upon his face.

He is not disturbed by the diversity of methods exhibited in the Paraphrase.

This paragraph is in part a paraphrase of "The Great Apostasy," 10:21, 22.

A man may weep and weep, to paraphrase Shakespeare, "and be a villain!"

He can play the Liszt Don Juan paraphrase faster than any machine in existence.

It was founded on Cædmon's paraphrase of the book of Genesis.

All the other impressions are—to paraphrase Thnard—embroideries on this.