Quotation [noun]

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And that was the nearest the little adventuress ever came to making a Biblical quotation.

But I can't go on with the quotation unless I turn it into 'You're slave to thousands.'

It is sometimes an epigram, and at worst it is never a quotation.

In June, 1795, the quotation of the assignat oscillated violently.

The minister had said "unattached," but Captain Obed did not offer to correct the quotation.

This can be admitted just as easily as the quotation preceding.

This quotation is from the Munster Express, published in Limerick.

Her tone was placid enough, but she allowed the significance of the quotation to be marked.

Nor in the moment was the blunder of his quotation noticed by any but Massingbred.

"Are but as yesterday," Rose completed the quotation in her gentle voice.