Estimate [noun]

Definition of Estimate:

approximate calculation; educated guess

Synonyms of Estimate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Estimate:

Sentence/Example of Estimate:

These are definitely just estimates, but still, that’s pretty damn good!

Though reach estimates aren’t available for mobile apps and places now.

A more thorough analysis would dramatically lower the cost estimate and limit the work needed and the time needed to complete it, Shapery argues.

An objective and thorough analysis would have produced a much more limited scope of work recommendation, and a dramatically lower cost estimate.

Best estimates suggest that 10 to 20 percent of students lacked access to devices such as tablets or computers, the internet or both, during the spring shift to online instruction.

The programs draw myriad boundary lines around a given district and estimate which party would win that district under each scenario.

In other words, it has more than doubled in valuation since then, according to at least some estimates.

For example, BMW is paying around $500,000 to sponsor five of the most popular gaming organizations around the world, according to estimates from an exec who brokers commercial esports deals but wished to remain anonymous.

While it doesn’t mention specific companies, it’s clear that Google and Facebook will capture a lot of the digital ad growth, if these estimates are accurate.

Yesterday’s figure though climbed back above seven figures, far worse than economists’ estimates.