Belief [noun]

Definition of Belief:

putting regard in as true

Opposite/Antonyms of Belief:

Sentence/Example of Belief:

Human intelligence is incredibly useful but it doesn’t safeguard you against having false beliefs, because that’s not what intelligence is for.

Full belief, I want to suggest, needn’t be at the core of dehumanization, and an account of dehumanization needn’t commit on how demanding “belief” is or whether baldly contradictory belief is possible.

As Streumer concedes, if he believed his own view, he would believe that there are such things as good and bad reasons for belief, which is exactly what his view denies.

It also lacks the kind of intentions, goals, beliefs, and desires that drive language use in humans.

Hope derives from a belief that life has good things in store.

Conspiracy beliefs increase in response to group threats, according to University of Miami experts Joseph Uscinski and Joseph Parent.

Overprecision involves being too confident about the accuracy of your own beliefs, and there’s an easy way to test yourself for it.

They don’t persuade voters to change their behavior as much as they reinforce the beliefs of already-decided voters, often pushing them into a more extreme position than before.

Its report included an interview with a Freedom for the Children founder Tara Nicole, in which she refused to deny that her beliefs aligned with QAnon, and the report made its way to the Utah attorney general’s office.

She later told investigators she had likely written 1,000 exemptions since 2015, when a state law banned vaccine exemptions on the basis of personal beliefs.