Mindset [noun]

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It’s just entirely possible that Darth Vader had a radical mindset shift by the feeling of love being able to slip through the heavy armor of darkness that he has held up as a defense mechanism.

The planner types have what the psychologist Patricia Chen, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore, and Carol Dweck, the noted Stanford University psychologist and Chen’s former adviser, have identified as a strategic mindset.

With such integral information, you can discover your customers’ mindsets and preferences when it comes to purchasing your products.

That doesn’t mean that pessimism is better — Moore’s experiments found that pessimistic mindsets didn’t improve outcomes either.

To create an effective campaign you need to have basic marketing knowledge and an analytical mindset.

Reflecting this mindset that reactions have been overblown, a third of them expect life to return to normal within three months, which is three times as high as the rest of the UK public.

There’s been some sort of a decline in the mindset, in the attitudes of people.