Attitude [noun]

Definition of Attitude:

mental outlook

Opposite/Antonyms of Attitude:

Sentence/Example of Attitude:

Instead of denying or neglecting it, or whatever attitude we had in the past, it’s time we all get together and start working on this very seriously.

Without much thought, I carried this attitude over into my work.

The more knowledge she gained regarding the object, the more her attitude towards it was reshaped.

It has taught me that we, ourselves, can choose our attitude every day.

Since then, I took a completely different attitude to management.

I think that when you have a positive attitude and when you have confidence in yourself, everything else will just happen as it happens.

At the same time, the AudienceProject survey suggests users’ attitude toward ads might be changing.

The overturning of the law doesn’t change the mentality or the attitude of the people of India.

Effective science communication is critically important because of the profound effects partisan messaging can have on public attitudes.

The dormant accounts most of the banks maintain with the reserve bank are, perhaps, indicative of their attitude toward it.