Demeanor [noun]

Definition of Demeanor:

behavior, manner

Synonyms of Demeanor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demeanor:


Sentence/Example of Demeanor:

The women looked remarkably alike, and even when they were teenagers, some assumed Heidi was the older sister simply because of her demeanor.

With his light heart and “can-do” demeanor — qualities the world embraced as quintessentially American — Zorro soon dominated action-film iconography.

More than a quarter of female teaching assistants recalled examples of undergraduate students making them feel uncomfortable, whether through overt physical harassment or through comments about their appearance or demeanor.

She was struggling personally and the actress’s demeanor on set understandably changed.

Menaker’s time at the magazine nearly ended after he quarreled over an article’s wording with Shawn, whom he described as a genius with “a martyr’s demeanor.”

He’s of average height, slight build, and looks every bit a scientist with dark un-moussed hair, glasses, and an introverted demeanor.

She has earned her authority and calm demeanor, which I could tell the moment we started our interview.

The language and demeanor of Mr Bellamy seemed decisive of his intentions.

Weston spoke carelessly, puffing at his cigar, for he had recovered his easy demeanor.

Easy of approach, he has still that reserve that bids (p. 334) all sycophants mark well their conduct and demeanor.