Air [noun]

Definition of Air:

gases forming the atmosphere

Synonyms of Air:

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Sentence/Example of Air:

The air quality in Portland has become the worst in the world — with Seattle, Los Angeles and Denver also ranking up there with notoriously polluted places like Delhi and Shanghai.

She noted that with the ongoing wildfires, there are certain communities who can’t shelter in place or evacuate their neighborhoods to escape the polluted air.

The campaign said the ads will air in local markets in key states with early voting, including North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

The original ad starring Boyega, 28, aired last year and was called “The London Gent.”

I watched as towering plumes of smoke billowed from distant hills in all directions and air tankers crisscrossed the skies.

While NTWRK takes a similar approach to selling products live and on the air, the mobile-first marketplace is emphasizing content and featuring talent that appeals to the streetwear community.

TransDigm and the Erieview Newsstand — a business similar to thousands of small enterprises lining Cleveland’s commercial corridors, now gasping for air — are emblematic of the diverging fates of very large businesses and the cities that host them.

So they ordered take-out, went back to the hotel to eat, and turned on the portable air purifiers they brought from home.

Bells were pealing and tolling in all directions, and the air was filled with the sound of distant shouts and cries.

It is to be remembered, however, that a few of these bacteria may reach the sputum from the upper air-passages.