Puff [noun]

Definition of Puff:

blast of air

Synonyms of Puff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Puff:


Sentence/Example of Puff:

He leaned back, and began to puff leisurely at his pipe, as if this settled the matter.

And now they all vanish in a puff of smoke from the chimney.

(a) What precautions should be taken in the making of a puff omelet?

How good that puff of fresh air and freedom felt on his face!

And so, with a snort and a puff, he worked out by another door.

He could only bite his nails and puff away to the next Defaulter.

Roland paused, fighting for an instant with a puff of wind and dust.

In the rear I saw him light his pipe and puff and scowl in a puzzled way.

Line patty pans with puff paste, and fill with frangipané and bake.

Rob, did you see that puff of smoke coming out of the house then?