Draught [noun]

Definition of Draught:

concoction prepared for mental or physical effect

Synonyms of Draught:

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Sentence/Example of Draught:

Being quieted by the Captain with a draught of cold tea, and made to sit down, the examination of the book proceeded.

The chimney was at the other end, and thus a draught of hot air constantly passed beneath the floors in cold weather.

It is called the "travellers' drink" because any one, on breaking off a stalk, can obtain a cool draught.

This, however, will not be necessary where there is a chimney high enough to create a strong draught.

Gradually, however, the spark grew to a burning mass, which created the draught of air that fanned it.

Then a fresh draught of air and a tremendous stream of water that nigh washed him off the ladder.

The draught invigorated Marius, it cheered Tressan's drooping spirits, and it quenched the Dowager's thirst.

She brought some water and raspberry syrup, and Hans Nilsen, contrary to his custom, took a long draught.

She stops to pray to a saint that he send her a draught of water, and immediately she comes upon a well.

He swayed the knot of the blind cord backwards and forwards gently, as if the draught from the open windows was moving it.