Aromatic [adjective]

Definition of Aromatic:

distinctive smelling

Synonyms of Aromatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aromatic:

Sentence/Example of Aromatic:

Food pairing makes it easy to discover new ingredient combinations based on their aromatic matches, but that is not all there is to creating tantalizing dishes that will pique your palate.

My mother toasted walnuts and pine nuts to stuff each gotgam, slicing the fruit on a bias to reveal an aromatic center, and letting them sink to the bottom of a large stainless-steel bowl we usually use for making kimchi.

The team also analyzed molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs.

When volatile aromatics let loose in a bottled beer, that’s no good for large-volume brewers who need to ship consistent-tasting products.

Plants produce compounds known as aroma glycosides, which contain a sugar component linked to a volatile aromatic compound.

Its aromatic flavor is not adapted to the general taste, and some little time is required to develop a decided love for it.

They are made of "Brazilian Aromatic" one of the finest tobaccos of Brazil.

The plants ripen very fast and emit an aromatic odor, increasing in strength as the plants ripen.

While growing, the plants emit a strong (p. 394) aromatic odor not like that of Havana tobacco, but stronger and less agreeable.

A painful odour arose in spite of the aromatic plants with which it was covered.