Sweet [adjective]

Definition of Sweet:


Synonyms of Sweet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweet:

Sentence/Example of Sweet:

It is sweet and refreshing to pursue our old subjects of discourse.

But sweet beyond words had been this speech from the bartender.

But in her sweet way she had given him her woman's aftermath of love.

It has all been very sweet, but it will also be sweet to loaf awhile.

Lift up your sweet face, my best child, my own Clarissa Harlowe!

She and Jessica remained in each other's arms for a long, sweet moment.

This has been such a sweet, happy wedding that we mustn't spoil its gladness.

Hester lifted her, and held her to kiss the sweet white face.

Sweet Prince, tell me again of thy palace by the Lake of Como.

I have crowns in my pouch, my sweet, and I mean to spend them.