Cacophonous [adjective]

Definition of Cacophonous:

harsh sounding

Synonyms of Cacophonous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cacophonous:


Sentence/Example of Cacophonous:

Others have no doubt quite sincerely refused to perform any music that sounded cacophonous to them.

Yet again, he talks vaguely of the intricate polyphony of a cosmic orchestra, cacophonous to our dull ears.

And to even that remnant of music--their few jumbled cacophonous melodies--they clung with a devotion almost phenomenal.

In Orocué they always began their cacophonous serenade at nightfall, and kept it up uninterruptedly until the following morning.

She had a black eye which the cacophonous fiend had probably given her, and she grinned like a happy child of nature.

Through the halls resounded the cacophonous clangour of a cracked gong announcing dinner.

Mr. Landon Ronald expressed sympathy with musicians who were handicapped by cacophonous or undignified names.