Noisy [adjective]

Definition of Noisy:

very loud and unharmonious in sound

Opposite/Antonyms of Noisy:

Sentence/Example of Noisy:

The effort to make them "disgorge" is as continual as it is noisy, and, as a rule, futile.

Now I'm going on a tour of exploration and noisy admiration.

Never was I in such a noisy, roystering, singing, lounging place.

We hear of no more disturbances; the fact was that the audiences were too thin to be noisy.

There was that noisy wind again, but this time it was gentler than it had been in the city.

How noisy and romping the brook was; how capricious, how playful, how furtive!

And quiet—quiet to gloom, did the inn, so noisy overnight, seem by morning.

No, my dear, you are too noisy; these children are quite spoiled, Mr. Aubrey.

Pauline was as cold and calm as Sophie was charming talkative, and noisy.

He would find it noisy and tedious, even if it were intelligible.