Riotous [adjective]

Definition of Riotous:

chaotic, wild

Synonyms of Riotous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riotous:

Sentence/Example of Riotous:

The cross was among them the punishment for riotous slaves or their instigators.

You can't have wasted very much in riotous living on this sand-heap.

Blackberry shrub, to their minds, was the medium of riotous dissipation.

Hemming plunged into an orgie of riotous living when you refused him.

Query, Is this not encouraging the Inhabitants in their licentious and riotous disposition?

Perhaps no falser idea was created than that Boston was riotous.

In Dublin Castle; bad luck to it for a riotous, disorderly place.

Never was such a scene of riotous noise and tumultuous mirth.

His most riotous ballads are ballads of death and the grave.

Will the young men who are to be the leaders, spend their hours in riotous living?