Obedient [adjective]

Definition of Obedient:

well-behaved; submissive

Opposite/Antonyms of Obedient:

Sentence/Example of Obedient:

Here stands its Government, aware of its might but obedient to its conscience.

I have the honour to be Your obedient servant, Francis Marion.

I am with esteem, Your most obedient humble servant, N. Greene.

Had she been obedient only to that she had been taught, or obedient to the very God?

Rico, obedient as ever, began to play, and also to sing his own song as usual.

He did not wish to have her go, for she was useful and obedient.

On the whole, they were easily managed, and were respectful and obedient.

Miss Woodville, obedient to the command of her father, led the way.

Mr Blandois was Mr Flintwinch's most obedient humble servant.

With which they requested a stamped receipt, and remained his obedient servants.