Willing [adjective]

Definition of Willing:

agreeable, ready

Opposite/Antonyms of Willing:

Sentence/Example of Willing:

But am I so fortunate as to find you willing to return with me?

If this be the test, I am willing to be tried with Hipparete at the court of the Muses.

Some time, when you are willing, you shall tell me all about it.

I can only say that if my services are required I shall be found ready and willing.

He was rich and he was willing to take the daughter without a single penny.

"I'll tell you how it is," said the big man in the tone of one who is willing to argue a point.

I was willing to think that I had still a brother and sister.

To make sure of success and the size of his stakes he was willing to invest heavily.

I cannot take Edie into the camp, and she would not be willing if I could.

I am willing to believe that the lack of understanding was my own fault, but a lack of understanding there was.