Desirous [adjective]

Definition of Desirous:

aspiring, hopeful

Synonyms of Desirous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desirous:

Sentence/Example of Desirous:

That’s disturbing in various ways because it means that you are almost desirous of infection within those groups.

It is ill-bred, and looks as if you were unaccustomed to such pleasures, and so desirous to prolong each one.

None of them are desirous of continuing after death the part which they have, perhaps, so frequently commenced in this life.

Flora had been long desirous to effect a regular call at Abbotstoke, and it was just now that she succeeded.

Every wise and honest man is desirous to soothe the angry passions of our neighbours.

They mean to visit Bath again this spring, and I am very desirous that you should be better acquainted with her.

Of this I am assured by John Poindexter, who seems very desirous of aiding me in my attempt to win his daughter's heart.

“I advise everyone desirous of dominion to preach that duty, in and out of season,” said Madame Bertaux.

Her majesty is desirous that you should consider the laws which regulate the trade in corn.

Dr Brentano is particularly desirous to make it clear that he considers England “the birthplace of Gilds.”