Desiring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Desiring:

Oji Udezue, its vice president of product, was based out of Austin and left earlier this year out of a desire to find a job closer to home.

Azere is caught between her family’s expectations to uphold its culture and traditions and her own desire to follow her heart and find happiness.

What you now have is a desire and hunger for more stories about diversity.

They showed less desire to explore new things than did rats not fed sugar.

In other words, Salesforce would hook subscribers, collect data on people’s habits and desires, and then continually update the product.

Nine times out of ten what you’ll hear from marketers is they have this desire to delight the customer with the right content in the right channel at the right time.

The desire to find something good amid this madness is only human.

Councilwomen Jen Campbell and Monica Montgomery Steppe – both Democrats elected in 2018 – have publicly declared their desire to become the city’s next Council president.

This sentiment stood out, more so than any desire for 15 minutes of fame.

As with many of its pre-built machines, Raspberry Pi sees the 400 as something of a hacking Trojan horse that will give users the desire to crack it open and start tinkering.