Yearning [noun]

Definition of Yearning:


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Sentence/Example of Yearning:

But the yearning towards the parent country is too strong to be overcome.

His heart ached with yearning more intense than any that he could recall.

Besides, is not the yearning for the divine simply a desire to behold the Divinity?

He glanced across the river as though he were yearning to accept the invitation.

There's something in me that—I think only a son of his could have satisfied my yearning.

His one yearning was that she might be very beautiful, very happy, very rich.

She was yearning for that role and hoping that Nana would refuse it.

It was almost as if she had spent them on Naomi in the yearning of dove and pity.

Yet all this time the man's soul was yearning with pity for the people.

But she had no one, and the pain of her yearning and the misery of her shame were choking her.