Fascination [noun]

Definition of Fascination:

strong interest

Synonyms of Fascination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fascination:

Sentence/Example of Fascination:

At some point in the very near future, “data access rights” will likely be decided in a high court somewhere, and I guess we’ll all watch with fascination and trepidation.

My own fascination increasingly expanded from the technology of crypto to the legion of operators who used techy language and hype to hoodwink victims.

What exactly the technology is capable of is still a topic of fascination, and at the center of daydreams for any sci-fi nerd.

For his current act, he’s moved to New York City and combined his fascination with NLP with what he calls “an extreme interest in the stock market.”

The fascination with mathematical outcasts has been a productive strategy too.

There is a fascination in serpents, and there is one far more deadly—who has not felt it?

Terror and fascination caught him; he turned away lest she should reach his secret and communicate her own.

This haughty Countess, by the way, has always had a great fascination for me, because she looks like a woman who "has a history."

But this goldsmith's work, far from impairing the effect of the whole, adds a certain fascination to it.

Fascination is a strong word and means a considerable amount of enjoyment, up to a certain point.