Enchantment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enchantment:

He, Bastien-Lepage, painter of the soil, found himself unable to transfer to canvas the enchantment of that land of fairy tale!

Realm of enchantment, break your mystic spell, Land of the lotus, smiling land farewell!

The hard-hearted executor of the law was brought within the influence of her enchantment.

Do these gentlemen really feel the thunderclap or the enchantment of an object of art?

If you can work magic, why don't you break the enchantment you are under and return to your proper form?

How a human touch colors the inanimate world with the communicated warmth of its enchantment!

The gray eyes seemed to inspire his confidence, for the victim of enchantment stopped to rub against her dress.

They all agreed in thinking that she could not come too often, and to Dora life in that house was a sort of enchantment.

That widespread enchantment seemed to concentre and embody itself mysteriously in her; she became its living manifestation.

Whoever looked at Medusa was turned into stone, but Perseus, by the aid of enchantment, slew her.