Magnetism [noun]

Definition of Magnetism:

charm, attractiveness

Synonyms of Magnetism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magnetism:

Sentence/Example of Magnetism:

These concepts seem intellectually obvious, but there’s a magnetism to the effect, an attraction that means everything.

One would hope for deeper exploration of the magnetism between the buoyantly matched Feldman and Park, as Linguini and Colette.

The weight of evidence has led most of them to suspect that magnetism is indeed everywhere.

The real experience has a magnetism of its own and will win above mere technicality whenever it has the opportunity.

Some hidden magnetism burst from him like an aura, and his cold pasty face and light gray eyes flamed into positive beauty.

She had expected personality, magnetism, as a compensation for nature's external economies.

For Isabel Otis the genius loci had a more powerful and enduring magnetism than any man or woman she had ever known.

His reputation and his personal magnetism soon began to effect a complete change in his army.

Finally, in 1829, Bouvard wrote Minoret asking him to come to Paris to assist in some conclusive tests of magnetism.

There was in Mr. Mason no magnetism to attract young men, and I do not remember ever to have asked his advice or opinion.