Weakness [noun]

Definition of Weakness:

defect, proneness

Opposite/Antonyms of Weakness:

Sentence/Example of Weakness:

Making an effort to rise, he seemed surprised at his own weakness.

In spite of her calculations, in spite of her love of money, he could make her feel her weakness.

Would he be strong or weak; and what would be weakness, and what strength, in a position so strange?

You have summoned me in my weakness; you must sustain me by your strength.

Be happy, and rejoice in your weakness—but turn now to the strong for strength.

He measured your blindness and weakness by the standard of His own knowledge and almightiness.

The unfit brought in for strength are weakness and destruction.

He fell on the floor, and in weakness mixed with cowardice lay where he fell.

The son met his father's gaze with a level look in which there was no weakness.

It was the best he could do, and it shamed him, for he knew its weakness.