Senility [noun]

Definition of Senility:

old age

Synonyms of Senility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Senility:

Sentence/Example of Senility:

Not of age—merely of time; for here was no senility, no quavering or fretful lines.

"Glad your senility has not affected that remnant of your common-sense," he declared.

Is it a sign of senility, or half-thought-out ideas, or what?

There's a similar touch of ineptitude (senility, perhaps) in the Memorabilia, ad fin.

And this is the man they accuse of senility and weak intellect!

The moss of senility is covering the bloom of youth and the honor of youth.

Men called him Paulus Atropus, and bore with his senility for sake of what he had been.

Most lovers are alike in this—in youth, in middle age, in senility.

Also, why this new pose, this cheap championship of senility?

It is like the evidence of senility in some grand statesman who has outlived his vigour.