Childhood [noun]

Definition of Childhood:

period of being young

Synonyms of Childhood:

Opposite/Antonyms of Childhood:

Sentence/Example of Childhood:

Children play an active part in shaping their social worlds, likely explaining in large part why these particular childhood temperaments were so closely aligned with later personality, the authors suggest.

The reasons are when girls stay home they often become victim to childhood marriages.

Despite haunting memories of a childhood visit to the boardwalk, Adelaide reluctantly takes her family on a Santa Cruz beach vacation.

In 2018, competitor Lynn Munro brought oatmeal she milled herself and cooked it with water she harvested from the loch at her childhood home.

Working with child psychologists and childhood development researchers, he wrote the book Design for Play in 1969.

One recent survey found that only 10% of American adults held their childhood dream jobs.

She told her son that when she regained her health, she wanted to visit her childhood home, a small shotgun house in the Seventh Ward.

I am convinced that a solid foundation of racial and gender equality and mutual respect starts from early childhood, and it starts from home and early schools.

Humans learn quickly in childhood and continue learning – alas, more slowly – as adults.

She started a new agency within her office called the Bureau of Children’s Justice to address issues such as foster care, the juvenile justice system, school truancy, and childhood trauma.