Youth [noun]

Definition of Youth:

early period in life of animate being

Synonyms of Youth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Youth:

Sentence/Example of Youth:

And can you expect the youth of Athens to be wiser than their gods?

If it may be avoided, I will not see the whole of your youth consumed in anxious watchings.

His lines were gracefully full, his bearing had still the alertness of youth.

“I am afraid he is past ransom,” said the youth, shaking his head.

“It is not well that youth should study over long,” said the old man.

Youth is prone to endow its opinions with all the dignity of certain knowledge.

On the other hand, youth is often gifted with a credulity divine and unerring.

One fragrant breath of thee is as a waft of the joys of my youth!

Ambrose, however, had the enthusiastic practicalness of youth.

I gave it—ay, I gave it to a youth that came to mine aid, and reclaimed a falcon for me!