Ignorance [noun]

Definition of Ignorance:

unintelligence, inexperience

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignorance:

Sentence/Example of Ignorance:

Enough with the employee town halls, the mealy-mouthed apologies, the feigned ignorance, the purple-prosed press releases.

The goal is to create a more inclusive environment that acknowledges and brings out the strengths and unique skill sets of neurodiverse employees, by removing ignorance and educating both team leaders and colleagues.

CEO Guru Gowrappan said the group is partnering with organizations to conduct training on removing ignorance and how to be supportive, empathetic and inclusive.

Better a wide and honest ignorance than a narrow and suspect knowledge.

After the truth came out, Lantos, who had a close relationship with Hill & Knowlton, would plead ignorance — and insist that there were certainly human right violations taking place in Kuwait.

Thou fell spirit of pride, prejudice, ignorance, and mauvaise honte!

The universal ignorance of the working class broke down the aspiring force of genius.

The Italian trip was discussed, and considerable ignorance of geography was, as is usual, manifested by all present.

She walked faster, and would not look at him; but he, in his ignorance, misinterpreted these signs egregiously.

He has for millions of years looked down upon the ignorance, the misery, the crimes of men.