Shallowness [noun]

Definition of Shallowness:

dullness of mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Shallowness:

Sentence/Example of Shallowness:

Their freshness soon withered, on account of the shallowness of the earth.

All that I have seen of life only shows the shallowness of what is called the public service.

Shallowness has this advantage, that you can't be drowned there.'

And here the depth or shallowness of our theology will be sure to tell.

She felt a sort of bitter shame over her own shallowness of feeling.

Many instances might be given of the shallowness of the Indian's mind.

The barges in which we now embarked were very small, owning to the shallowness of the river.

The shallowness and simplicity of the girl baffled her continually.

The narrowing of religion saved it from the shallowness of heathenism.

Owing to the shallowness of the water the British attacked in small boats.