Wisdom [noun]

Definition of Wisdom:

insight, common sense

Opposite/Antonyms of Wisdom:

Sentence/Example of Wisdom:

Is there any other wisdom, than true simplicity and innocence?

"I am satisfied with the pursuit of wisdom, not with the fame of it," replied the sage.

The wisdom of our sages and blood of our heroes have been devoted to their attainment.

But let not the foundation of our hope rest upon man's wisdom.

Mr Clayton had taught me wisdom, which his own bad conduct could not sully or affect.

It is a test of our courage—of our resolve—of our wisdom—our essential democracy.

His wisdom and patriotism will become henceforth conspicuous.

Its calmness gave the impression of a wisdom behind it that had no existence.

"Certes, Stephen Hapgood, his wisdom doth not suffice," cried the other.

For the first time, he had begun to question the wisdom of what he had done.