Savvy [adjective]

Definition of Savvy:


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Sentence/Example of Savvy:

Course you know who it is, and you savvy how them things is done.

Ill need some one who can savvy Russian more than anything else.

Then, touching the young man's breast she exclaimed, "Him sick, you savvy?"

“Savvy nothing,” says Uma, with a kind of disgusted air that she was good at.

Ese he tell me you savvy, he tell me you no mind, tell me you love me too much.

He might savvy somethin', if I ain't careful, an' kill the girl or do her harm.

It was Hail Columbia all right, but that's between you an' I, savvy.

"Them boy lib for savvy what you do now, sah," he said in the coast palaver.

But I'll just tell you, since you asks; it's going to stop when I get good an' ready, savvy?

"Them book I got savvy—I no savvy make him tell me," he said.