Ignorant [adjective]

Definition of Ignorant:

unaware, unknowing

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignorant:

Sentence/Example of Ignorant:

He is ignorant of the nation’s story, dismissive of its conventions and unmoved by its romance.

For decades, many have been ignorant of the connection between ecosystem health and infectious disease.

Next to her, the English Doyles are parochial and sorely ignorant, while Mexico City Noémi is widely read, intelligent, and well-traveled.

They know exactly what makes their products sell, and consumers are generally happy to remain ignorant of the actual explanation for.

Chemists analyze molecular bonds but remain blissfully ignorant of quarks and gluons.

In Middle English, this gesǣlig started to mean “holy, innocent, helpless,” then “pitiable” and “insignificant,” then “simple” and “ignorant.”

But he was ignorant of that part of the horrid tale; and the Duke, in a milder voice, bade him rise.

His wife was ignorant of the cause of his staying out so long, and suffered greatly from anxiety about his welfare.

What children they were with their simple unmorality of artists, as ignorant of the real world as babes in a wood!

Reginald never spoke to her of such things; perhaps she was too ignorant to understand.