Innocent [adjective]

Definition of Innocent:


Opposite/Antonyms of Innocent:

Sentence/Example of Innocent:

Two innocent people were publicly named as the attacker — a marketing executive and a retired police captain.

Eighty-seven percent of those accused were eventually found to be innocent.

Russell Westbrook, the terrifyingly athletic stat-stuffer who seems to hurt innocent rims for no apparent reason.

Most presidents in real life and in games have stained their hands with the blood of innocents, and Sonic the Hedgehog’s president is no different.

There’s probably a mixture of kind of innocent people swept along and people who were hardcore organizers knowing exactly what they wanted to do.

They fight evil and protect innocent lives, as superheroes do.

He’s a powerful telepath, but in the film he finds other means to play with the minds of the innocent and not so innocent.

The image purports to show an Australian soldier about to slit the throat of an innocent Afghan child.

“Federal agents put my clients on the no-fly list because they refused to spy on innocent co-religionists in violation of their Islamic beliefs,” Ramzi Kassem, a lawyer for the men, told the justices when the case was heard in October.

The mother's lips could not finish the charge she was about to put upon her innocent child.