Legitimate [adjective]

Definition of Legitimate:

authentic, valid, legal

Opposite/Antonyms of Legitimate:

Sentence/Example of Legitimate:

According to Roman Sannikov, a Russia specialist with cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, the high volume of legitimate cryptocurrency use in Eastern Europe is a legacy of the Soviet Union and its collapse.

Turkey argues that Hamas — which won the last election in 2006 — is the legitimate representative of the people of Gaza.

In addition to pinpointing medically legitimate reasons to make CRISPR babies, the panelists also called for an international body to oversee the work.

Not if people are just trying to knock you, but if they’re trying to be substantive, serious, legitimate.

Urban was partially inspired by Andrej Karpathy, who a few years ago trained a neural network to generate mathematical-looking nonsense that looked legitimate to nonexperts.

GoFundMe demanded that Kolfage set up a legitimate nonprofit to accept donations.

Nearly as important, the new system also reduces the odds that any reasonably talented team will miss the playoffs — meaning the playoffs will include more teams that are legitimate threats to pull off upsets.

They may have little other choice if they hope to be legitimate contenders in the streaming wars.

It is a very legitimate concern, and we have to reimagine how we look at what keeps us safe.

Maybe the narrower the language is, the more easily that you can claim as a researcher that your research has legitimate and original value, if it’s getting to something that others hadn’t gotten before.