Sure [adjective]

Definition of Sure:

certain, definite

Opposite/Antonyms of Sure:

Sentence/Example of Sure:

Without reasons I was sure of, you know, so there could be no chance of any mistake.

But if she had any such thing I'm sure it was ended, and she'd have jumped at this chance a year ago.

In you I was sure of a mind strong enough to break the fetters of habit.

"I just wanted to be sure you were all right," said Percival, greatly relieved.

"I am sure some of the old man's money is here," he said to himself.

I wish we might have talked more—I'm sure—when are you leaving?

I am sure the injury you speak of could not have happened when he was in charge.

“Ay, sure, both of us; but Ambrose is the best scribe,” said Stephen.

Sure enough—they were in Chicago and had dinner with us on their way out.

And you don't want to hear anything about mines; it wouldn't be at all good for you, I'm sure.