Unwavering [adjective]

Definition of Unwavering:

consistent, unchanging

Synonyms of Unwavering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwavering:

Sentence/Example of Unwavering:

Her eyes met his, unwavering, bespeaking her implicit faith.

The image returned his unwavering gaze with inscrutable kindness.

Now she must summon all her resolution and be firm and unwavering.

She looked at him and she seemed to measure him with her unwavering glance.

She believed absolutely in the supernatural, and her faith in dreams was unwavering.

They were to pray, watch, and work, diligently and with unwavering faith.

His eyes were an index of the man, bold and possessive and unwavering.

His trust in God was child-like in its simplicity, firm and unwavering.

The tone was icy; the gaze fixed on his face was unwavering.

“Yes, Ralph,” she went on, looking up into my face with unwavering gaze.