Pat [adjective]

Definition of Pat:

relevant, suitable

Synonyms of Pat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pat:

Sentence/Example of Pat:

You're not going to spring anything so pat as heart-disease on us?

Pat them in salt and water for two days, stirring them frequently.

Old Sam recovered sufficiently to take the girl's hand and pat it.

It's Pat'll be bringin' home money the night; honest money that he's earned.

One by one the boys went to bed, and Pat and his mother were left alone.

I want Pat to-morrow, but I want him all the other days of the week, too.

"I always knowed you was brave, Pat," said Mrs. O'Callaghan.

And when they had been told of Pat's good fortune, "Is that all?"

Your father had a great knack at plazin' people, so he had, Pat.

The General was delighted with Pat's success, and he could not help showing it.