Neat [adjective]

Definition of Neat:

arranged well, uncluttered

Synonyms of Neat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neat:

Sentence/Example of Neat:

Katy is away for the night, you know, and I'm sure her room is as neat and pretty as can be.

He brought forth from a pocket a neat sheaf of banknotes, which he held out.

She had been so neat and orderly about everything and had kept him so clean from a baby up.

The clumsy framework of the receiver was reduced to a neat and portable size.

In English, French, and Arabic, the reason was announced in neat print.

And as Monny remarked, in neat American slang, we were "right up against it."

It was a pleasant, peaceful sitting-room, as neat as wax in every part.

How neat she was, how thrifty, how comfortable, and how comforting!

His manner of demonstration was so orderly and neat and simple, that it was not easy to mistake him.

Not being ill dressed, for she was much too neat for that, why did she run away?