Spruce [adjective]

Definition of Spruce:

stylish, neat

Synonyms of Spruce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spruce:

Sentence/Example of Spruce:

Along the edge of the green pines and spruce were lavender asters.

Struts (also of spruce, as is all the framework) are elliptical in shape.

The air was fragrant with spruce and pine and faint, aromatic wintergreen.

Pour sixteen gallons of warm water into a barrel, with twelve pounds of molasses, and half a pound of the essence of spruce.

I presume it will be found wherever the spruce tree is a native.

It is found on dead pine, spruce, balsam, and other conifers.

That's why you are become so well-dressed, Horatio; I wondered how you came to spruce up so!

It was said that all the dogs retired to the nests of spruce bough; it should have been all but one.

This is why the leaves of the spruce, the pine, and the juniper are always green.

She crouched on her cot of spruce boughs in anguished misery.