Dirty [adjective]

Definition of Dirty:

soiled, unclean

Synonyms of Dirty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirty:

Sentence/Example of Dirty:

That could prevent dirty tricks or an “October surprise” and give watchdogs time to fact-check statements.

The airlines provide barf bags, but the dirty secret is that people often don’t use them.

If you want to hurt him because you don’t like him and you want to exploit the connection because he has more cash than you, I guess you can do that, but it feels dirty.

Those that arrive damaged or dirty may never return to inventory.

That plant is one of the dirtiest in Texas, both in terms of climate and air quality impacts, according to a Rice University study.

I can tell you it’s no fun to take that heat, especially if you’re subject to disinformation or even dirty tricks.

Jim’s voice was like a dirty needle scratching across a pristine record.

The fear is that allowing dirty power plants and industrial facilities to profit by capturing and selling carbon will allow them to stay open longer, with front-line communities suffering from the air pollution.

One of the biggest problems facing the health care industry and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is dirty and messy data.

I'd have enjoyed punching his proud head, for all that; it was a dirty way to serve a man who had done his level best.