Lousy [adjective]

Definition of Lousy:

very bad

Synonyms of Lousy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lousy:

Sentence/Example of Lousy:

Late in the regular season, against three lousy defenses, he padded stats and started connecting on deep balls.

YouTube is lousy with Christmas and winter soundscapes, which I turn to every year, because California Christmas will always be just a touch disappointing to a Midwestern girl raised on drifting snow.

For all these reasons, it would be misguided to treat lousy lying as a “cognitive failure”, as it clearly serves several social functions.

Challenger banks—some call them digital banks or neobanks—took off several years ago by exploiting customer frustration with the abusive fees and lousy mobile experience offered by incumbents.

One obvious factor shaking their faith is that growth has been lousy for decades.

No, profits are still expected to be pretty lousy, but there’s still room for an upside surprise as the economy continues its lengthy rebound from the March-April lows.

Frey's a private dick—a lousy one, reckless and careless, but still he's a dick and your story didn't go.

Got more loyalty to a lousy machine than to the whole human race.

Come one, come all—all you moth-eaten, lousy stiffs from Stiffville.

Several kinds of beetles are subject to lice, but particularly that kind called by way of eminence the lousy beetle.