Awful [adjective]

Definition of Awful:

very bad; terrible

Synonyms of Awful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awful:

Sentence/Example of Awful:

But when you are there, the awful secret of conspiracy will not be revealed in caverns, dungeons, and darkness.

I begged him to come down here, but he wouldn't—says that his hand is no longer steady enough to hold a gun—it's awful!

It burst upon them ere long with awful fury and grandeur, the elements warring with incredible vehemence.

"I declare, wife, that was an awful accident over to the mills," said Mr. Slocum.

Bubby, why don't you go home and have your mother sew up that awful hole in your trowsers?

Nancy was little the worse for the awful accident, bruised, of course, but poor Masters was unconscious.

She said she was, but she started awful slow, and kinda peered back, and up to the hall.

Gwynne had exclaimed, in agony, and forgetting the awful figure on the bed in his alarm at the sight of his grandfather's face.

This would be an awful blow to us out here, would be a sign that Providence had some grudge against the Dardanelles.

David Arden, as he promised, had dictated to him in outline the awful case he had massed against his client.