Beautiful [adjective]

Definition of Beautiful:

physically attractive

Opposite/Antonyms of Beautiful:

Sentence/Example of Beautiful:

Of course, it’s sad, but it’s also the most beautiful thing.

When the world seems upside down, it’s good to work toward something beautiful.

The Rio Claro in Chile is one of the most beautiful stretches of river that we’ve ever seen.

You could literally put yourself out there, but Gladys Knight is one of those people because she is just a beautiful person.

It’s incredibly satisfying to turn a digital photograph into a beautiful, high-quality print that you can hold.

The study provides beautiful insights into how a complex evolutionary interaction between vastly different partners can play out on a molecular and developmental level over evolutionary time.

The weather can vary, but you can score some beautiful, hot, long sunny days at the beach.

Along the way, you’ll visit a women’s weaving cooperative, learn how to make tortillas, and hunker down at beautiful glamping sites, one of which has front-row views of Fuego, a very active volcano.

It is incredibly beautiful and there are so many things one can take from it.

Be part of something bigger, be part of something really beautiful.