Refined [adjective]

Definition of Refined:

cultured, civilized

Opposite/Antonyms of Refined:

Sentence/Example of Refined:

Sympathetic persons are apt to assume that every refined emotion must be ennobling.

Major Harper, the oldest, most refined and most soldierly of them all, was also the handsomest.

But it is in graceful, refined France that cookery is and has been, a pet art.

His accent was none of the Elberthal one; it was fine, refined, polished.

Not in vain you live, for every passing eye is cheered and refined by the vision.

She was poor, but cultivated and refined; trained—you know—for knowing, not doing.

If we desire the beautiful, we become beautified and refined.

He spoke in a refined manner, and was evidently an educated man.

They were of the most refined form, and when enriched were carved with consummate skill.

Plowden himself was delicately-tinted and refined of texture.