Polluted [verb]

Definition of Polluted:

make dirty; corrupt

Synonyms of Polluted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polluted:

Sentence/Example of Polluted:

He worships every handsome woman, who will allow herself to be polluted by his incense.

It sheared off heads so many, that it, and the ground it most polluted, were a rotten red.

We do not say that art should be despised by the novelist; we only contend that it should not be polluted.

This, it is said, is an effective arrangement for drawing off the polluted air of a room.

But heresies have polluted every church, and schisms are the fruit of disputation.

How long, may we ask, is our land to be polluted with such abominations?

Would to heaven my being were not derived from such a polluted source.

From that hour she would abhor him, and shrink from his polluted hand.

And of this Pylades also I will say that he is polluted in like manner with thee.

I was degraded and polluted by the confessional just as you and all the priests of Rome are.