Stain [noun]

Definition of Stain:

spot of dirt, blot, bar

Synonyms of Stain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stain:

Sentence/Example of Stain:

Bitterly he recalled the stain upon his family in generations gone by.

There was no stain of savagery upon the delight we had in coming to this spot.

Nay, fear no trick; like you I remember my soul, and do not stain my hands with blood.

"It would be better not to stain our hands with the creature's blood," he said.

A stain on the name of Huron can only be hid by blood that comes from the veins of an Indian.

To which she added another name, which we do not care to stain our paper with.

Jared Wiley, the deputy, was talking to a group near the stain, explaining.

I am bid, it seems, to tempt her, and endeavour to stain the purity of her mind.

Not a stain rests on their proud, marble-like brows--not much.

She had a stain on the back of her dress; it was useless for the others to declare that she had not—she felt it.