Color [noun]

Definition of Color:

pigment, shade

Synonyms of Color:

Opposite/Antonyms of Color:


Sentence/Example of Color:

Available in 6 different sizes depending upon your project needs, they also come in a few different binder colors to suit your personal preferences.

In terms of design, Apple made a few tweaks to the materials and colors available this year.

The pencils also have a soft core making the colors ideal for shading and layering.

That may change in the future, as bringing more people of color into leadership tracks has “been the topic in the boardroom for the last several months,” Hanson says.

The tablet comes in a variety of color options, including silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue finishes.

It will come in several new case colors including a metallic red and blue.

They serve as fillers, help the body to absorb the medicine, and add flavor or color to drugs.

There are 12 people of color on the team for this client in London and nearly a third of those people are from my team.

Then he laid out the vision for how his products would solve this urgent problem that affected 80% of people of color and 30% of the rest of the population.

We want to transform the way people feel about skin and we do that on social media by showcasing people with visible skin conditions living life in full color.